Monday, 22 August 2011

Amaree Hot Pot

Amaree serves Thai cuisines and Thai steamboat. This is my 1st visit to this restaurant to try their Thai steamboat as I am very curious about their tomyam soup base. :) The result was good. Although after the dinner, my friend and I had a slight stomachache. But, I think it is not because of hygienic problem, maybe spicy food makes our stomach not well... :) Anyway I'll give another try in future :)

Amaree Infusion
This their drink named Amaree Infusion which is a zesty, soft and refreshing blend of lemongrass tea. Taste good and it is free refill. It serves in hot and cold. And of course mine is cold....

Amaree Special Steamboat Sauce
 Steamboat sauce taste refreshing and nice as you have to mix the chilli, chopped garlic and lime juice into the sauce. Nice!

Taa daa....... My mixed sauce :) .... I didn't put all the chilli.... Not too hot....

Tomyam Soup Base
 Here it is... My tomyam soup base. When you ordered, waiter will ask how spicy do you want. So... mine is spicy. (less spicy, medium spicy, spicy or extra spicy)... Don't you ever accidentally bite the chilli....It is very very spicy... Don't play play...

Seafood Combo

This is my seafood combo. Never underestimate this portion. Look less...but it is enough for 2 pax. In this seafood combo are white prawns, fresh squid, fish fillets, soaked cuttlefish, jelly fish, crab sticks, seaweed rolls (nice!!!), prawn balls (nice also!!!), glass noodles and assorted vegetables.

Fish Paste
I ordered additional fish paste and the waiter is helping us to put the fish paste into the hot soup. Nice texture... Must order guys!

Seafood Balls
 I also ordered this seafood balls as the waiter highly recommended this to my friend and I...Taste good ya... I ate a lot... I always hate to eat fish balls during steamboat... But really ate a lot in Amaree.... LOL

Mango Salad
 Mango salad taste good but can be more sour and spicy....

Amaree is located at:-

SG-05, Subang Avenue Shopping Complex
Persiaran Kemajuan,
47500 Subang Jaya

Business Hours:-

Monday - Sunday
(11a.m - 11p.m)

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


I had my birthday celebration with my dearest besties at here. The food are nice, especially their pastas. Must Try!!! :) Their drinks are kinda special too...


Watermelon Lychee
I think this drink taste good, because my friend did ordered for second glass... LOL

Mango Lychee Kaffir
This is the combination of mango and lychee blended along with the kaffir leaves. Taste refreshing though. :)

Hmmm...sorry that I already forgotten the ingredients in this drink... :p

Signature G-frost
And this is my Signature G-frost. It was a mixture of grapes and watermelon with lychee topping...Good drink...

Crusted Salmon
Crusted Salmon order by my friend and I didn't manage to taste it. But the presentation of the food seems okay...

Spicy Seafood Carbonara
Spicy Seafood Carbonara...Well, is a nice pasta... I would say 'Must Order' item... LOL...will it be too much???

Mushroom Soup
The mushroom soup is thick enough, but still I feel that inside this soup lack of something.... Somehow I can't think about it.... :s

Mediterranean Lamb Ragu  
This is my Mediterranean Lamb Ragu, a dish rich with tomato paste I guess, taste good but the portion is too little. I would say, not worth for money....

Nutty Chicken
This Nutty Chicken actually taste a bit similar with 'Chinese style salted chicken with wine'....hahaha ... Not bad though...

Chocolate Brownie with Ice-cream
My dessert of the night chocolate brownie with ice-cream....Normal taste... :)


Grilled Prawn Sandwich
This Grilled Prawn Sandwich I didn't manage to try too... >.< sorry because couldn't tell you guys the taste...

Fish & Chips
This Fish & Chips portion quite big, worth to try....Can't comment more on the taste as I didn't tried this too... I was so busy taking photos.... ;)

Sorry to say, somehow I don't feel I will step into this shop if I had a better choice... LOL

Frames is located at:
Sunway Pyramid, Main Entrance (Old Wing), Oasis Boulevard K4N, Bandar Sunway.

Operating Hours:
Monday to Sunday
11a.m to 12a.m

The Vanila Place

Last April, Groupon offered a deal for two, including 1 starter, 2 appetizers, 2 main courses, 2 drinks and dessert with RM 39.90. And I bought it, went there with my friend.

The environment is okay. A good place for tea. :)

The food are delicious. Will going back to this place to try their desserts. For your information, they sell many type of desserts including macarons. And the price is reasonable.

Ice Lemon Tea
Just 2 glasses of normal ice lemon tea....

Honey Roasted Chicken Salad
This Honey Roasted Chicken Salad have lots of capsicum and avocado...Not really my taste... I will try Smoke Salmon Salad next time :)

Pie Tee
Hmm...This is my first time having Pie Tee. Actually nothing special about it. Just some vege on a crispy cup.

Spaghetti Seafood Pesto
My main course...Spaghetti Seafood Pesto...Surprisingly this green sauce taste good on this pasta. But a bit too oily. Else, it would be a perfect masterpiece.... ;)

Spaghetti Smoked Duck
My bestie order Spaghetti Smoked Duck. The aroma of the smoked duck makes the whole plate of pasta taste so good. The only problem is too oily as well... They should control on the amount of oil...

Desserts - Ice-cream with Cupcakes
And lastly, this was the complimentary dessert. :) The cupcakes were too sweet but the ice-cream is okay....

They sell macarons, scone, pavlova and others....I think I will visit again to try their 'Tea for 2'... ;)

The Vanila Place is located at:
FK01, 1st Floor, Empire Shopping Gallery, SS1/16, Subang Jaya, Selangor.
(facing Toys R Us)

Operating Hours:
Monday to Sunday
10a.m to 10p.m

Monday, 8 August 2011

Flying Chillies

Flying Chillies serves  Thai Cuisine. The foods are nice but is not the best Thai Food I ever had. And a bit costly, I guess this is due to the location itself.

I was there for lunch and ordered catfish with mango salad, Thai belacan fried rice, Thai style fried kuey teow, tomyam seafood, deep fried squid and red ruby with water chestnut as dessert.

The total bill is about RM 110 for 3 people.

Thai Belacan Fried Rice
Thai Belacan Fried Rice taste so so only. Nothing special.

Catfish Mango Salad
This is my favorite dish, catfish mango salad. Deep fried boneless catfish meat serve with sour mango salad. Yummy !!! :)

Thai Style Fried Kuey Teow
This Thai Fried Kuey Teow really disappoint me. :( Tasteless and less vege.

Tomyam Seafood
This Tomyam Seafood soup is the best dish so far. Fair spicy and fair sour, and very generous in seafood. Nice!!!

Fried Squid
Fried Squid taste good with their special thai chili sauce.

Red Ruby with Coconut Milk (Thab Thim Krab)

This is one of the Thai dessert named Thab Thim Krab, which is red ruby (water chestnut) with coconut milk. But this 1 too sweet for me >.<

Flying Chillies located at:
T219 Third Floor The Gardens, Midvalley City.

Operating Hours:
10a.m to 10p.m

Sweet Hut

Found a new place for dessert in Bandar Puteri. This place is so crowded during weekends. Maybe this shop is still new, the service is not that good. Anyway, I believe that can be improve. :)

I've order a few, some taste good and some need to be improve. The egg pudding with aloe vera and sea-coconut with white fungus soup taste normal. The black sesame soup is very smooth but too bad it taste too bitter. This might because of the roast sesame process too long caused the sesame burned. Hmmp...

But the mango sago with pamelo and mango ice-cream taste good. And the best dessert of that night was the papaya with egg white and aloe vera. It actually can be serve hot or cold. I ordered cold. Next time I shall order hot to taste what's the difference. =)


Egg Pudding with Aloe Vera
Very normal dessert and not very special.

Black Sesame Soup
The taste is bitter, maybe due to over-roast the black sesame, however the texture is smooth enough.

Mango Sago with Pamelo & Mango Ice-cream
Recommended to mango lover. But somehow, the pamelo makes the dessert taste bitter. Anyway the overall taste is good.

Sea-coconut with White Fungus Soup
A very common Chinese dessert I guess. No surprise. :)

Papaya with Egg White & Aloe Vera
Definitely a surprise for me. We were served in cold, it taste good. Will try the hot 1 for the next visit. Stay tune!

5 types of desserts
Happy with those fattening desserts with my girls !!! :)

Sweet Hut is located at:
26, Jalan Puteri 1/2, Bandar Puteri Puchong, 47100 Selangor.

Operating Hours:
Monday to Sunday
12noon to 1a.m

Mr. Ho's Bistro

A great place for outing or gathering with friends and family. Cosy place with great foods, friendly staffs and extremely clean washroom. They serves beer as well. :)


A very simple interior design

Bar Station

Interesting wording hanging on the wall

Simple dining place

All You Need Is Good Food

Part of their menu

Dessert menu

Pork Fingers 
Pork Fingers taste so so only and a bit hard.

Mushroom Soup
Mushroom soup is thick and it is rich aroma of mushrooms...

Braised Lamb Shank
Braised Lamb Shank is very soft and tender, eat together with mint sauce makes good combination.

Deluxe Salad
They use the vinegar as dressing. Love the egg yolk in the salad, but too less bacon.

Pork Burger
Pork Burger is delicious. The pork patty is thick and juicy. Well marinated. :) Bigger portion compared with Nanbawan Restaurant in Taman Sri Manja. The coleslaw is very refreshing as they added apple into it.

Spicy Cream Linguine with Clams
To those who love creamy sauce will like this but the clams is too small and some even just empty clam shells.

Charbroiled Grilled Chicken with Spaghetti
This is much more delicious compare with spicy cream linguine. The chicken taste so good as it was well marinated. The spaghetti taste yummy too... Love this!

BBQ Pork Rib
This BBQ Pork Ribs is a bit complicated to me. Too much bone and not much meat. Less surprise. Will not be in my list for the next visit. :)

Grilled Salmon with Salad
My friend ordered this and I didn't manage to taste the salmon, just grab some salad. But I smell the fishy
smell, so I don't think it is nice. Perhaps, they should serve with a piece of lemon as well.

Brew Coffee

This is the coffee that came along with my dinner set. :)

Overall the food here are delicious. Will definitely visit Mr. Ho's Bistro again! =)

Mr. Ho's Bistro is located at:
No 2A, Jalan Puteri 2/6, Bandar Puteri Puchong, Puchong, 47100 Selangor.

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday (Closed on Wednesday)
11a.m to 3p.m / 6p.m to late

Saturday to Sunday
10a.m to 3p.m / 6p.m to late

Another interesting thing that I found out in this restaurant is their clean washroom :) The photo below was taken in their washroom. The owner is so considerate, they even prepare some sanitary pads. And some interesting note and signboard on the tile.