Monday, 22 August 2011

Amaree Hot Pot

Amaree serves Thai cuisines and Thai steamboat. This is my 1st visit to this restaurant to try their Thai steamboat as I am very curious about their tomyam soup base. :) The result was good. Although after the dinner, my friend and I had a slight stomachache. But, I think it is not because of hygienic problem, maybe spicy food makes our stomach not well... :) Anyway I'll give another try in future :)

Amaree Infusion
This their drink named Amaree Infusion which is a zesty, soft and refreshing blend of lemongrass tea. Taste good and it is free refill. It serves in hot and cold. And of course mine is cold....

Amaree Special Steamboat Sauce
 Steamboat sauce taste refreshing and nice as you have to mix the chilli, chopped garlic and lime juice into the sauce. Nice!

Taa daa....... My mixed sauce :) .... I didn't put all the chilli.... Not too hot....

Tomyam Soup Base
 Here it is... My tomyam soup base. When you ordered, waiter will ask how spicy do you want. So... mine is spicy. (less spicy, medium spicy, spicy or extra spicy)... Don't you ever accidentally bite the chilli....It is very very spicy... Don't play play...

Seafood Combo

This is my seafood combo. Never underestimate this portion. Look less...but it is enough for 2 pax. In this seafood combo are white prawns, fresh squid, fish fillets, soaked cuttlefish, jelly fish, crab sticks, seaweed rolls (nice!!!), prawn balls (nice also!!!), glass noodles and assorted vegetables.

Fish Paste
I ordered additional fish paste and the waiter is helping us to put the fish paste into the hot soup. Nice texture... Must order guys!

Seafood Balls
 I also ordered this seafood balls as the waiter highly recommended this to my friend and I...Taste good ya... I ate a lot... I always hate to eat fish balls during steamboat... But really ate a lot in Amaree.... LOL

Mango Salad
 Mango salad taste good but can be more sour and spicy....

Amaree is located at:-

SG-05, Subang Avenue Shopping Complex
Persiaran Kemajuan,
47500 Subang Jaya

Business Hours:-

Monday - Sunday
(11a.m - 11p.m)

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