Tuesday, 9 August 2011


I had my birthday celebration with my dearest besties at here. The food are nice, especially their pastas. Must Try!!! :) Their drinks are kinda special too...


Watermelon Lychee
I think this drink taste good, because my friend did ordered for second glass... LOL

Mango Lychee Kaffir
This is the combination of mango and lychee blended along with the kaffir leaves. Taste refreshing though. :)

Hmmm...sorry that I already forgotten the ingredients in this drink... :p

Signature G-frost
And this is my Signature G-frost. It was a mixture of grapes and watermelon with lychee topping...Good drink...

Crusted Salmon
Crusted Salmon order by my friend and I didn't manage to taste it. But the presentation of the food seems okay...

Spicy Seafood Carbonara
Spicy Seafood Carbonara...Well, is a nice pasta... I would say 'Must Order' item... LOL...will it be too much???

Mushroom Soup
The mushroom soup is thick enough, but still I feel that inside this soup lack of something.... Somehow I can't think about it.... :s

Mediterranean Lamb Ragu  
This is my Mediterranean Lamb Ragu, a dish rich with tomato paste I guess, taste good but the portion is too little. I would say, not worth for money....

Nutty Chicken
This Nutty Chicken actually taste a bit similar with 'Chinese style salted chicken with wine'....hahaha ... Not bad though...

Chocolate Brownie with Ice-cream
My dessert of the night chocolate brownie with ice-cream....Normal taste... :)


Grilled Prawn Sandwich
This Grilled Prawn Sandwich I didn't manage to try too... >.< sorry because couldn't tell you guys the taste...

Fish & Chips
This Fish & Chips portion quite big, worth to try....Can't comment more on the taste as I didn't tried this too... I was so busy taking photos.... ;)

Sorry to say, somehow I don't feel I will step into this shop if I had a better choice... LOL

Frames is located at:
Sunway Pyramid, Main Entrance (Old Wing), Oasis Boulevard K4N, Bandar Sunway.

Operating Hours:
Monday to Sunday
11a.m to 12a.m

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