Friday, 2 September 2011

Capitol Satay

Satay Celup is something that I must eat when i visit Malacca. People talked about the hygiene issue surrounding my beloved satay celup. To me, as long as I didn't see anything wrong, I will chow down on it... I guess all kind of foods also have the same problem... Just that as long as we didn't see it ourselves! Out of sight, out of mind.

This holiday, I queued for more than 2 hours for this satay celup... Although my friends and I only use not more than 1 hour to filled our stomach... but worth for the queue...

Super Long Q...

From evening 5.30pm queue till 8 pm... Sky also dark already....

Self-service...RM0.80 per stick

Various choices.... 

My satay celup... :):):)

Satay Sauce

Owner is putting some spices into the satay sauce

Stirred well....


Here's the catch...RECYCLE SAUCE! Apparently, the rumors started way back in 653BC. How do they do it?
Step 1) Collect ALL unfinished sauce.
Step 2) Dilute it with water to make it looked "new".
Step 3) Mix the remaining ingredient like peanuts and chilli flakes in front of dumb ass customers.
Step 4) Serve it to unsuspecting dumb ass customers.

Do you believe?

For me, since I choose to eat... so I choose not to think so much lor.... I'll eat until I really saw the story, then maybe I'll consider to stop... :p:p:p

Ta Da.... Soaked cuttlefish
 The best part of this shop is RM0.80 per stick. The owner will bring out some special dishes (clams. abalone slice, big river prawn, big soaked cuttlefish)  to each tables which is also RM0.80 per stick...

Still long Q after I finished my dinner... :s

Capitol Satay located :-

41, Lorong Bukit Cina,

Operating Hours:

Tuesday - Sunday (Closed on Monday)
5.00 p.m till last customer (late night)


  1. Wau.. what a great blog you've share with us!! and your great skill of photography!!!! Proud of you!!! Cheers! Here we start the makan makan trip... Be your follower :)

  2. Thanks Jean... I'm just a beginner... there are more to learn from you... still got lots of photos need to choose to put in here :):):)

    Thanks for your support!